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Preventive Cardiology having done path breaking work in the field of
Non-Surgical Treatments to treat Heart Ailments.

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The mission of Prashivyog is preventing Heart attacks reversing heart disease, through continuous education, early detection and provide alternative non invasive holistic treatment affordable by all and there by reducing the incidence of Coronary Artery Disease and Prevention of Premature deaths and disability.

Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi acclaimed as pioneer of EECP treatment in India with a documented success rate of over 95%.


Dr.Pratiksha Gandhi

Medical Director Prashivyog

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What peoble say?


Jagdish Khandelwal

I extensively travels throughout the world.Since My bypass surgery was done in 1996 in London. I started complaining of chest pain on walking or climbing,despite taking the medicines I was not feeling better. I opted for Prashivyog non-invasive treatment.After it there is regression of blockage in one of the artery (LAD territory),no Chest pain or chest heaviness. I walks everyday for 45 minutes and working everyday for 10 – 12 hrs,extensive traveling including frequent visits to UK and other countries.

Surendra Gokharu

I had undergone triple bypass surgery in 1986. However, in year 2004, I felt little breathlessness on walking & rarely minor angina.At Prashivyog, my heart problem was over. Later I also got EECP done, at Prashivyog, along with further change in life style. Now I have no physical problem, including heart related. I am feeling very good & energetic, without medicines, even after day's hard work at my age of 75. It is highly recommended that every heart patient should take advantage of non-surgical treatment & life style changes to avoid surgery & medicines.

Umesh Mistry

I am a teacher of classical singing.I have a problem of High blood pressure,High cholesterol,Chest pain, chocking sensation in throat & jaw pain on walking for 5-10 min.I unable to sing a single song.Angiography done had double vessel disease(LAD=100% & ramus had 60% stenosis) joined Prashivyog & started treatment there.I achieve tremendous results.Now I walk everyday 4 kms in 1 hour,no chest pain, Started giving training to my students.The result of stress test is also normal with.Thanks to Prashivyog.

Mr.Virji Dedhia

I am a businessman from Thane suffered a Heart Attack, Chest pain on walking for 5 min, Tiredness on slight walking. So did a stress test, resulted in poor performance. Angiography had Double vessel disease (LAD = 80%, RCA = 40%, blocked).I was advised to do immediate angioplasty. I opted for Prashivyog non-surgical treatment. I Immensely benefited, with no chest pain, no tiredness, excellent performance on TMT. Now I walk every day for 1 hour and manage my business actively very well.Thanks to Prashivyog.

Sonu Parab

Sub Officer and Fire fighter. I suffered heart blockages LAD 90%, RCX 99%, also I was told by doctors that due to the Diabetic Nephropathy you are at high risk for the surgery.I came to Prashivyog and was advised to do EECP and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. After completion of treatment I feel tremendous improvement in my health. “Thanks to EECP Cardiac Rehabilitation Non-surgical Treatment.Now I can walk for 45 min, without chest pain, and back to my fire fighting job.It is highly recommended”

Balasaheb Khollam

I Suffered from two Heart Attacks (in 2002 and 2004) and Angiography (Nov.04) had triple vessel disease.(RCA = 90-95%, LCX = 80% and LAD = 90% blocked) was advised to do immediate Coronary Bypass Surgery but opted for Prashivyog non-surgical treatment after 3 months of treatment at Prashivyog I have done Angiography which shows reduced blockages in all arteries. "Thanks to Prashivyog, you have given me new lifestyle and outlook. I walk everyday without any chest pain. I am really indebted ”

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Is ECP For You

What Is EECP / ECP Treatment ?
The EECP / ECP therapy for coronary artery disease is non-invasive. For patients with chest pain, heart failure and congestive heart failure, EECP / ECP is the first non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical or mechanical procedure approved by the US FDA. Essentially, EECP / ECP is a cardiac procedure without the side effects of heart surgery. It helps to improve blood flow in the body, with effects that appear to stay together for years. By establishing collateral circulation around blocked arteries, EECP / ECP therapy works, i.e. it basically works to create a “natural bypass” around the arteries.
What Do EECP / ECP Sessions Involve?
EECP / ECP typically requires 35 therapy sessions. Each session is for 1 hour, and 6 days a week for 6 weeks, the patient is usually invited to come. Nonetheless, the whole team at Prashivyog is very well educated in how to make improvements in the protocol, where appropriate, to manage challenging situations. Thus, at Prashivyog, EECP / ECP is very secure and applicable even in most cases which can not be handled by other EECP centres. Prashivyog takes every attempt to ensure the patient and his / her body are relaxed.
How Does EECP / ECP Work?
EECP / ECP also helps to boost the role of the endothelial cells (the cells that line the coronary arteries) that assess the risk of heart attacks.
EECP / ECP enhances blood flow to the heart muscles that do not receive adequate blood supply. The EECP / ECP is therefore working to establish a “natural bypass.”
Please note that while EECP / ECP, by developing collateral circulation, increases the blood flow to the heart muscles, it does not eliminate blockages. This is much like bypass surgery, which is a mechanical procedure that, by sewing the grafts, circumvents the blocks, but does not remove the blocks.
Is EECP Heart Treatment Different from ECP Heart Treatment?
EECP stands for External Counter-Pulsation Enhanced. Indeed, EECP is different from ECP (External Counter Pulsation), since ECP lacks the graduated timing mechanism that defines the inflation and deflation of the cuff and the EECP machine ‘s specific cuff design, both specifically built to optimise augmentation, which is a very important component of the procedure. EECP is a registered trademark of Vasomedical, Inc., the largest EECP / ECP equipment manufacturer in the United States.
What Are the Benefits of EECP / ECP Treatment?
The International Registry of EECP / ECP Patients has evidence to support the following advantages of ECP / EECP care, in addition to enhancing collateral circulation and providing a natural bypass:
1. Decreased Angina episodes
2. Decreased nitroglycerine use
3. 85 % rise in the classification of angina according to class 1
4. 55 % rise in the classification of angina relative to class 2
5.Improvement of time for fitness
6. Increased overall quality of life, mood and sense of well-being

Clear Your Doubts

Why Prashivyog Hear Center for EECP / ECP Treatment?
Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi world renowned preventive cardiologist, was the first to implement EECP / ECP therapy in Maharshtra in 2004.
EECP / ECP treatment has a worldwide success rate of 85 percent and Prashivyog has a 95 percent success rate. Its specific cardiac rehabilitation program, conducted for each patient along with EECP therapy, leads to this improved performance.
In setting up the Indian EECP / ECP Patients List, DrPratiksha was instrumental in forming the Expert EECP / ECP Committee for Western and Eastern India. For all ECP / EECP patient info, the Indian Registry makes it mandatory to be registered with them.
How Many EECP / ECP Center Are There in India?
In India today , there are approximately 70 ECP centres. Prashivyog, about 6 years ago, was the first EECP centre to be set up in Maharashtra. Prashivyog has more clinics in India with ECP / EECP than any other centre. Some major hospitals have begun providing EECP care only recently. Prashivyog Heart Care, however, handles the greatest number of cases each year, and has handled more cases than any other centre in the nation. With a 95 percent performance rate, you can be confident that the productive employees of Prashivyog are geared up to give you quality care.
Is the Cost of EECP / ECP Covered By Medical Insurance?
Although EECP / ECP expenses are covered by medical insurance in the United States , the United Kingdom and a number of other countries, they are not covered in India. Even then, the expense of ECP / EECP treatment is very manageable as compared to the cost of heart surgery. We encourage individuals, however, to set aside reservations about compensation and get the care that is right for them. In order to try to subsidize the cost of your EECP / ECP care, there are many generous donors who we can contact and have also provided subsidized EECP / ECP care to many in the past. If you want to be a donor to someone’s EECP / ECP therapy, please contact us. We’re going to be deeply thankful.
Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) Therapy In Mumbai
Prashivyog has several branches in Mumbai with EECP / ECP centres, you can book your appoinitment and visit our Centers and we are also looking to set up branches elsewhere.
Who Can Benefit from EECP / ECP Treatment?
1. People with chronic Pectoris angina (chest pain)
2. Heart failure and congestive heart failure patients
3. Patients who have undergone a heart attack (myocardial infarction) or cardiogenic shock
4. Atherosclerosis patients (plaque in the arteries / blocked arteries)
5. Patients who are not operable because they are too frail to undergo bypass surgery or angioplasty or have too many complications and are searching for an alternative to heart surgery
6. Patients who are unable to afford surgery for bypass or angioplasty
7. Patients who are searching for a natural alternative to bypass surgery or an alternative to angioplasty because these procedures have already been done and their conditions have recurred in the past.

The EECP / ECP is also useful for patients with:
1. Diabetic patients with a low circulation of the blood
2. Renal Hypertension
3. Arteriosclerosis of the brain / Thrombosis/embolism
4. Chronic Syndrome of Exhaustion (tiredness)

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